Jumat, 12 Agustus 2011

books i read : july - august 2011

Running With Scissors - Augusten Burrough (re-read)

An Object of Beauty - Steve Martin (abandoned)

The Great World Spin - Colum Mc. Cann

Hector & The Search for Happiness - Francois Lelord

The Guy Not Taken - Jennifer Weiner

Madre - Dewi Lestari/Dee

Winnie The Pooh - A.A Milne

Housekeeping vs. The Dirt - Nick Hornby

The moment i'm writing this, i haven't finished Housekeeping vs. The Dirt by Nick Hornby. In fact, i just started reading it an hour ago. But this book has a very big impact on me writing this now, because the book is not a book about tips on cleaning a house - as the title implies. The book is actually a book about -well, books. Hornby written a witty review about books he's been reading every month for a year. So, that's when this comes from. The idea is Hornby's idea, (just like the happiness lessons on my tumblr page was Francois Lelord's idea) i'd loved to do great inspiring ideas people have, in fact, that's why they're writing it, no? To inspire people to take the best of it, and just do it? :)

i love reading so much and i could read 5 to 10 books a month. i buy books based on the back cover review, or just curiosity of  the nice covers, or the stamp written "best seller", or more often books by my favorite authors. Sometimes i have themes for books i want to read every month. Last month was "Classic". I read Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights, Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and they were fun adventures in plots, characters, and drama. :))

i have no particular theme this month, it was just a lot of waiting (for a sound checks, photo shoots, etc) so i bought a lot of books. i bought most of the books at Omuniuum, Periplus, Times, and Gramedia. So it's a random souvenirs from my favorite stores. 

I also found my old stacks of books recently when i'm rearranging daddy's library upstairs. So, i think i'm gonna be re-reading some of them - also some of my dad's books this month and try making essay/review one of each month or each stacks of books i've read. 

starting now. 

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