Kamis, 09 Juni 2011

childhood hometown.

this is where i spent my early childhood. the street. the town. 


i was told that to love is to hurt.
i was told that to hurt is stupid.
so i believe, that to love is stupid.
and i know i'm not, and i don't want to be.

i was held against my will,
or maybe it ain't a will
it's just a feeling, and
i was told that feeling is nothing.

but when i'm touching you,
it feels right,
and what's right is never wrong.
so, what's wrong, and what's right?

you read books and they're all different.
coz book is what other people feel to write.
so when i'm disagree,
do i have make my own book?

what's right and what's wrong?
who's right and who's wrong?

Rabu, 08 Juni 2011

sweet songs about garden caravan and love.

1. Our Broken Garden - Garden Grow
2. Efterklang - Caravan
3. Sleep Party People - A Sweet Song About Love

when life gives you lemons,

can i ?

i haven't forgot, so i couldn't really forgive. i thought i have, but i don't think so, anymore.
some things are too deep you can't really see the bottom. some things are just too painful, you can't really see it without feeling the pain. 
can i just say; "i forget you, but i couldn't forget what you've done. but, i think, i can forgive you without forgiving what you've done." ?