Jumat, 01 Juli 2011

a narrator's story: 01

one hot summer day
in a land that is not so far away,

a not so young girl is walking fast to an abandoned park. 
she jumped over two fences just for fun, and landed smoothly on the silver sand. 
she hummed something about why the sun doesn’t shine when someone is not around. 
and wishing to be that special someone. 

she saw a guy with a black shirt. the same guy she’s been seeing, awake or no. 
they looked at each other so intense, it’s like they were looking at themselves in each others eyes. 
they didn’t say a word, but a mimed hello and a monalisa smile. 
next thing they knew, they already share one belief; other half does exist.

[to be continued…]

because the girl doesn’t want to be interrupted now. 

she is in love, and blinded by the image of happy ever after. 

she doesn’t know, that it doesn’t exist. 

do not tell her. 

because, that is my job. 

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